Extremophile Virus SIRV2 Could Help Kill Anthrax, Other Pathogens

An unusual virus called Sulfolobus islandicus Rod-shaped Virus 2 (SIRV2 for short) could be a new weapon in the fight against pathogens, says an international group of researchers co-led by Dr David Prangishvili of Institut Pasteur in France and Dr Edward Egelman of the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Transmission electron micrograph (false-color) of negatively stained SIRV2 particles. Image credit: Nicole Steinmetz et al.
SIRV2 belongs to a common crenarchaeal virus family, the Rudiviridae. It was first discovered in 1998 in the hot acidic sulfurous springs of Iceland.
According to previous studies, SIRV2 infects Sulfolobus islandicus , a single-celled microorganism that grows optimally at 80 degrees Celsius and at pH 3. The virus has a very sta… Read more