Prize Shark

A fisherman kneels beside a dead shark lying belly up on a quayside.
(Photo : Fox Photos/Getty Images)
The recent shark attack in Australia, which killed Laeticia Brouwer, a 17-year-old teenager surfing at a popular surfer break known as Kelp Beds, has fueled a debate whether the government should resort to shark culling.
According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, culling was used earlier in Western Australia to capture and kill sharks. It involves the use of baited drumlines. Once the shark gets into the trap, they will be shot or killed.
Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg and O’Connor MP Rick Wilson were among the first ones to say that the WA government should use the culling as a technique to prevent more shark attacks.
«After 15 shark fatalities in less than 20 years in Western Australia it’s time the [WA] Government put people first and sharks second,» Fry… Read more

Snow Leopards

Snow leopards have three primary genetic clusters differentiated by their geographical location.
(Photo : Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Scientists have previously assumed that snow leopards, or Panthera uncial , are monotypic, which means a genus with only one species. However, a new study revealed that the elusive big cats have three sub-species.
The study, published in the journal Heredity, showed that snow leopards have three primary genetic clusters differentiated by their geographical location.
 «This study is important as it provides the first glimpse of how snow leopard populations are structured and connected,» said Dr. Jan Janeska, Assistant Professor at Duquesne University’ Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and lead author of the study, in a press release. “In a nutshell, populations that are connected with other populations are more stable and hav… Read more

Bull Elks In Yellowstone National Park

The researchers detected high levels of noise pollution in critical habitats for endangered species. Strange noises can interfere with the lives of wildlife, distracting or scaring them and covering up the natural noises that can be crucial to their survival.
(Photo : Bill Schaefer/Getty Images)
When people want to disconnect from the chaos of city life, they go to nature. National parks and protected areas in the United States are supposed to offer a refuge, a safe space where one can find peace and quiet.  Unfortunately, new research has shown that these places aren’t so peaceful nor quiet anymore. The racket of human noise and activity has already invaded a good chunk of protected areas.
According to a report from Phys Org, researchers from the Colorado State University and the U.S. National Park Service discovered that noise pollution was twice as high as background sound levels i… Read more

Fish Migration

Researchers able to map out fish migration patterns using Environmental DNA.
(Photo : Jeff T. Green/Getty Images)
Researchers from the Rockefeller University have successfully recorded the migration of several key fish species with the use of «Environmental DNA» strained from water samples.
Their new method of recording fish migration, described in a paper published in the journal PLOS One, was made possible by the vast knowledge they have gained from fish migration studies conducted over many years with fishnet trawls. However, eDNA offers a new monitoring system that only involves fraction of the effort and cost of trawling, all without harming the fish.
«By conducting a series of tests over time, collecting surface water from the same point on both the Hudson and East Rivers once a week for six months, we’ve successfully demonstrated a novel way to record fish migration,» sai… Read more

Bear charges Tahoe Men

Incline Village residents claim that the bear’s death is heart-breaking, especially because the bear had been in the area for ten years.
(Photo : TahoeJohnny Gomez/YouTube)
A bear, who was accidentally shot by a Washoe County Deputy, has died.  In a statement, the sheriff’s office stated it got a report of bears near homes in the area at about 10:45 a.m. May 6, 2017.
«This group of bears had been previously identified as food aggressive and deputies have had numerous encounters with this group in recent weeks,» the sheriff’s office said.
The office said that they tried all efforts to save the bear but they failed, adding that the Nevada Department of Wildlife arrived about noon.
According to KTVN, the deputy was trying to drive the bear and his three cubs away from the homes in Inclined Village. However, he accidentally fired a live round instead of a rubber bullet.
Speaking to the local news… Read more


Female dragonfies fake their own death to avoid being sexually harassed by unwanted suitor.
(Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Dragonflies are known to fake their own death to avoid predation. However, a researcher from the University of Zurich observed that females of the  Aeshna juncea  species, also known as moorland hawkers, also fake their own death to avoid being sexually harassed by unwanted suitor.
This peculiar behavior of female dragonflies, described in a paper published in the journal Ecology, was observed by Rassim Khelifa from the University of Zurich while he was out in the Swiss Alps, collecting odonate eggs of dragonflies.
«I was surprised,» said Khelifa, who witnessed the behavior for the first time despite studying dragonflies for 10 years, in a report from Tech Times. “Upside down is an atypical posture for a dragonfly … I expected that the female could be uncons… Read more

United Airlines

United told The Sun that they are already looking into Simon’s death and fearing that another PR disaster might just cause the company to burn into ashes.
(Photo : Scott Olson/Getty Images)
United Airlines is once again in hot water after a rabbit died aboard one of the airline’s flight. T he three-foot continental giant rabbit, named Simon, died in the cargo section of a Boeing 767 after flying out of Heathrow to be with his new celebrity owner in the U.S.
As per the exclusive report of The Sun, Annette Edwards, 65, breeder of Simon, asserted that the giant rabbit was perfectly fine, citing that he had a vet’s check-up three hours before boarding the United Airlines flight. Edwards said the death of Simon is enigmatic.
«Something very strange has happened and I want to know what. I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before,» she said.

Adding more mystery to… Read more

Free HIV Screenings In Harlem For World AIDS Day

Scientists managed to block HIV in living animals in an experiment. This is the first time a feat like this was achieved and it may lead to finally finding a permanent cure for HIV.
(Photo : Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)
There may be a lack of a permanent cure for HIV infection but scientists might be inching nearer to finding a solution. Temple health researchers managed to eliminate HIV from live animals fot the first time using gene CRISPR editing.
The study was published on May 3 in the journal Molecular Therapy. Researchers from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) and the University of Pittsburgh conducted the study, which shows that they can successfully eliminate HIV DNA from animals.
«Our new study is more comprehensive,» Dr. Wenhui Hu, associate professor in the Center of Neuroscience at LKSOM, said in a statement. “We confirmed the data from our previous… Read more

Regular Consumption of Sugary Beverages Affects Brain

Researchers using data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS), a joint project of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Boston University, have shown that people who more frequently consume sugary beverages such as sodas and fruit juices are more likely to have poorer episodic memory, smaller hippocampal and total brain volumes. The authors have also found that people who drank diet soda daily were 3 times as likely to develop stroke and dementia when compared to those who did not consume diet soda.

According to Pase et al , regular consumption of sodas, fruit juices and artificially sweetened sodas affects the brain. Image credit: Bruno Glaetsch.
Excess sugar is known to have adverse effects on health. Diet soft drinks are often touted as a healthier alternative to regular soda.
However, bo… Read more

Honey Bees Have Better Vision Than Previously Thought

A new study by researchers at the University of Adelaide and Lund University that appears online today in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that honey bees have much better vision than previously thought.

A western honey bee ( Apis mellifera ) in Nagakute, Aichi, Japan. Image credit: Emran Kassim / CC BY 2.0.
Bee vision has been studied ever since the pioneering research of Dr. Karl von Frisch in 1914, which reported bees’ ability to see colors through a clever set of training experiments.
“Today, honey bees are still a fascinating model among scientists, in particular neuroscientists,” said lead author Dr. Elisa Rigosi, a postdoctoral researcher at Lund University, Sweden.
“Among other things, honey bees help to answer questions such as: how can a tiny brain of less than a million neurons achie… Read more

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