Crufts 2017 – Portraits Of Man’s Best Friend

Researchers discovered that nearly all breeds fall into 23 larger groupings called clades, which are genetically defined but also brought together canines that shared specific qualities.
(Photo : Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Today, the world is blessed with around 350 different breeds of dogs — and counting. This doesn«t even include increasingly popular cross-breeds such as labradoodles. To help make sense of it their origins and how they»re all related to each other, a new study published in Cell Reports  unveiled the largest map of dog breeds yet.
According to a report from Science Magazine, geneticists Elaine Ostrander and Heidi Parker have created an evolutionary tree of dogs by tracking gene sequences from 161 modern breeds.
The pair found that nearly all of the breeds fall into 23 larger groupings called clades, which are genetically defined but also often brought together c… Read more

Eric the French bulldog

Footage of a dog expertly maneuvering around a skate bowl in Clissold Park in London caught the eye of bystanders and fellow skaters.
(Photo : ODN/YouTube Screenshot)
Skateboarding bulldog Eric has truly taken off — literally and figuratively. Footage of an adorable bulldog expertly maneuvering around a skate bowl in Clissold Park in London caught the eye of bystanders and fellow skaters.
No one can blame anyone for watching this impressive French bulldog shredding at the park. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the clip was recorded and posted online by book critic Imogen Russell Williams, who was at the park with her daughter when she caught the commotion over the bulldog.
«We ran over to watch — everyone was very excited — and I filmed a bit on my phone,» she said. “I thought I’d tweet it as something fun on a day of general election doom and gloom — I was obviously not expecting… Read more

dog meat protest

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — AUGUST 07: Members of Coexistence for Animal Rights confine themselves in a cage as a protest against eating dog meat on August 7, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea. Dog meat is a traditional dish in Korea dating back to the Samkuk period (period of the three kingdoms BC 57 – AD 668), and July 15 is the day on which some South Koreans eat dog meat in the belief it will help them endure the heat of the summer months.
(Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
In Taiwan, it’s now illegal to consume dog and cat meat. The Taiwanese government, via a new amendment to its Animal Protection Act, will implement hefty fines and jail time for those who will be caught doing the gruesome crime.
The new ordinance will enforce a fine of $8,200 for those who are caught eating dog or cat meat. Meanwhile, a bigger fine of $65,000 and two years in prison will be given for deliberately harming cats and dogs, Nation… Read more

Great White Shark

Great white sharks are usually the predator, but they’re recently found the victims in a series of strange killings in South Africa.
(Photo : Getty Images)
Serial killer (whales) are on the loose! Three dead liver-less sharks washed up on the shores of South Africa’s Western Cape province in a span of four days. One was also missing its heart.
According to a report from Live Science, the bizarre phenomenon prompted scientists to perform necropsies on the three bodies. The animal autopsies revealed that orcas were behind the attacks, although no one actually witnessed the events.
«These observations are unprecedented,» white shark biologist Alison Towner wrote on the Marine Dynamics blog. «We don’t really know how long the sharks will stay away from the area as a result of predation pressure.»
Great white sharks is not the usual prey of killer whales, but it’s not totally unheard of spe… Read more


A new form of the invasive clam belonging to genus Corbicula has finally made its way to North America.
(Photo : Jodi Hilton/Getty Images)
A team of researchers from the University of Illinois, in collaboration with the University of Michigan, found a new species or form of invasive Asian clam in the Illinois River near the city of Marseilles, approximately 80 miles west of Lake Michigan.
The discovery, described in a paper published in the journal Bioinvasions Record, suggests that a new form of the invasive clam belonging to the genus Corbicula has finally made its way to North America.
“In the Midwest, you have invasive bivalves, including zebra mussels, and several species of invasive fish: Asian carp, black carp and even goldfish. There are exotic plants, like Eurasian milfoil. There is an invasive water flea from Africa, Asia and Australia. There also are several kinds of invasi… Read more

Recreational Vessel Approaches Humpback Whale

Nearly 15 percent of the humpback whales that come to feed in the southern Gulf of Maine every spring were being struck by commercial and recreational marine vessels.
(Photo : Ian Waldie/Getty Images)
The number of collisions between whales and boats, or other marine vessels, in the southern Gulf of Maine, may actually be far greater than previous estimates, a new study suggests.
Published in the journal Marine Mammal Science, the new study showed that nearly 15 percent of the humpback whales that come to feed in the southern Gulf of Maine every spring were struck by commercial and recreational marine vessels.
«Vessel strikes are a significant risk to both whales and to boaters,» said Alex Hill, a scientist at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and lead author of the study, in a report from Portland Press Herald. “Long-term studies can help us figure out if our outreach programs to boate… Read more

Varanus douarrha: Researchers Rediscover Long-Lost Species of Monitor Lizard

An international team of researchers has found and re-described a species of monitor lizard, Varanus douarrha , from the island of New Ireland in the Bismarck Archipelago, northeast of Papua New Guinea.

Varanus douarrha . Image credit: Valter Weijola.
Varanus douarrha was described from a single specimen obtained by French naturalist René Lesson in Port Praslin at the southern end of New Ireland during his work on the La Coquille exploration ship in 1823.
“Considering that no measurements are provided in Lesson’s 1830 description it appears questionable whether the type specimen ever reached Europe for closer inspection,” the researchers said.
“Three boxes of La Coquille ’s South American and Pacific collections were sent toward France with the ship’s surgeon Prosper Garnot, who had fallen ill… Read more

Dragon’s blood tree

The dragon’s blood tree, only found in Socotra, is one of the identifiable features of the archipelago, a part of its alien landscape seen nowhere else on Earth.
(Photo : Peter Franc/YouTube)
The 20-million-year-old trees look straight out of a science fiction film, but the landscape of certain parts of Socotra is so unique and bizarre that it’s no wonder that such strange-looking trees sprouted from this ground.
Socotra Archipelago, considered part of Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, is dubbed the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean due to its spectacular biodiversity, according to a report from Metro.
Its main island is also called Socotra, which is known to be so remote that a third of its plant species are found nowhere else on Earth. Botanists revealed that Socotra’s flora are among the ten most endangered in the world.
There are many unusual flora dotting the 3,600-square-kilometer is… Read more

Bull shark

People look at a dead bull shark on a dock July 2, 2005 in Destin, Florida.
(Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
A monstrous bull shark caught around Lake Macquarie off Swansea has fueled social media frenzy in the past few days.
Photo of the monstrous catch was posted on the Facebook page of Offshore Fishing New South. It shows the full size of the bull shark, which was hung upside down and toweing over a standing man.
The group was initially bashed by some people who decried the killing of the giant bull shark. Newcastle Herald said the deep waters off Lake Macquarie’s coast have been a hunting ground for those seeking a glimpse of large sharks.
However, the group clarified that it was already dead when they hauled it, citing that they caught the bull shark after «being gut hooked and a huge fight» and they tried to revive it but were already too late.
Speaking with The New Daily, Shark researcher… Read more


During the search of retired colonel Devendra Kumar’s house, officials seized a leopard pelt, four black buck trophies, three sambar antlers, eight deer skulls, seven teeth, 117 kg of raw meat and a knife with an ivory handle.
(Photo : ABP News/YouTube Screenshot)
A raid carried out by the officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut has unraveled a shocking animal poaching racket organized by a retired Colonel named Devindra Kumar.
As per the report of Times of India, at least 117 kilograms of blue bull meat, animal skin, ivory, five skulls of deer, horns of sambar deer, antlers of antelope and black buck, as well as 40 guns, have been recovered from Kumar’s warehouse. In addition, other unlicensed weapons and massive amount of Rs 1 crore were seized from his home.
Chief Conservator of Forests Mukesh Kumar said, “The meat of blue bull was seized from a refrigerator. A sample was taken and it will be… Read more

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