Silverback Gorilla Joins London Zoo

Female gorillas prefer mates with bigger sagittal crests, a bone that some early humans shared.
(Photo : Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Size matters, if this new study is anything to go by. At least it does in the animal world as scientists discovered that female gorillas preferred mating partners that had larger bony head crests. The new information could shed some light on the social practices of ancient human relatives.
According to a report from the Australian National University (ANU), researchers from the university examined the sagittal crest of four species of apes. The sagittal crest is a bone ridge on the top of their skull. It’s been long believed that its function was to provide extra space for the muscles used for chewing, but the team realized that it could also be for sexual selection.
“We found that for male gorillas and orangutans, it is not just chewing that drives crest forma… Read more

Wild Place Project Welcomes A Pack Of Wolves

Wolves are back in Denmark for the first time in 200 years.
(Photo : Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
It«s been a long time since wolves roamed Denmark, but it looks like they»re back.
According to a report from Phys Org, a wolf pack — consisting of four male and one female — traveled around 500 kilometers from Germany to western Denmark«s agricultural land, marking the first time the species have been back in the country in 200 years. People have caught a glimpse of wolves in Denmark since 2012, but this is the first evidence that they»ve truly returned.
Video and prints revealed the location of the wolves, but the researchers are keeping mum to avoid hunters chasing down the rare wolves. After all, hunting played a huge part in eradicating the wolf population in the country.
«We expect that they will have cubs this year or the next,» Peter Sunde, a senior researcher at Aarhus University, told The Gu… Read more


Despite being non-venomous, there have been reports of the large reticulated python attacking humans.
(Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
An unsuspecting staff was shocked after finding a five-foot reticulated python in a hotel room she was cleaning.
The staff at the Marriott Residence Inn in Worcester immediately reported the slithering reptile to animal control.
An animal control officer, Patrick Cherry, told The Boston Globe, «They were cleaning at 8:30 or 9 a.m., opened the drawer, and found the snake. That«s when we got the call.»

Telegram said the animal control took the reticulated python to a pet supply shop. T he shop»s general manager, Rod Dzivasen, told the news site that the python appeared to be in a good and healthy condition, citing however the oddity of the incident.
«He may be two years old but he’s not an old snake,» Dzivasen said. “Why on earth they had him in a hotel roo… Read more


A man holds a Mexican Red-Legged tarantula.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The Australian wilderness just got a bit more terrifying as scientists on a two-week expedition came back with identifications on 50 new spider species crawling around in the wild.
According to a report from Australian Geographic, the dozens of newly-identified species were discovered on the Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland, Australia. Even by the standards of Queensland Museum’s Dr Robert Raven — who was part of the expedition and has previously identified 13 new spider species in one go — this most recent find of 50 species is nothing less than mind-blowing.
«Under one rock, down in a gully with a fresh-water spring pumping through, I found species from six arachnid orders,» Raven said. «It was absolutely spectacular to see all these six groups together.»
It’s not just the sheer number… Read more

Giraffe Calf

April the giraffe’s baby boy finally has a name. Meet Tajiri.
(Photo : Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images)
April the giraffe’s baby boy finally has a name. Meet Tajiri.
A few days after Tajiri was born, Animal Adventure Park decided to have a fund-raising contest to determine the calf«s name.  Among the top suggestions include Unity, Patchew, Apollo, Patch, Peter, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie and «Allysa»s choice.« Alyssa Swilley is the calf«s caretaker. In the end, voters chose »Allysa»s choice,» and the caretaker decided on the name
«Tajiri was really what spoke to us,» she explained in a Facebook Live video Monday. «Now, Tajiri is Swahili for both hope and confidence. Hope is something that Tajiri has not only brought you guys as a community globally now but it is a hope for giraffes. We have been able to give giraffes a voice.»
However, Mashable claims that Tajiri actually means “ri… Read more

Acentria’s Fritillary (IMAGE)

This is Acentria’s fritillary (Melitaea acentria), a new butterfly species discovered in Israel on the slopes of the popular Mount Hermon ski resort.
(Photo : Dr. Vladimir Lukhtanov/Pensoft Publishers for Press Release Use Under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International)
A team of researchers from Russia has identified a new butterfly species endemic in northern Israel and the neighboring territories of Syria and Lebanon.
The new species, described in a paper published in the journal Comparative Cytogenetics, was spotted by the researchers hovering right over the slopes of Mount Hermon ski resort in northern Israel. Some experts in the field previously mistook the new butterfly species to a more common species due to the similarities of their outside appearance.
“Thousands of people had observed and many had even photographed this beautifully coloured butterfly, ye… Read more

Rhino Translocation Project

Illegal trade in animal parts remains a lucrative business on the international black market. Among the most coveted animal parts used by Chinese as traditional medicine ingredients are rhino horns, elephant tusks, donkey hide and tiger parts.
(Photo : Chris Jackson/Getty Images)
A rare one-horned rhino at a national park in Nepal suffered and died under the hands of poachers.
According to Telegraph, the male one-horned rhino was shot in the head and left to die after poachers gouged its horn.
The incident which occurred on a rainy eve last Friday is the first rhino brutality that took place at the national park ever since anti-poaching measures were implemented by the park three years ago.
In an interview with Skynews Australia, R am Chandra Kandel, chief warden of Chitwan National Park, explained that the poachers likely used a silencer because no one near the site heard any gunshot… Read more


The same dangers that killed off big cats during the last Ice Age are threatening the existence of surviving cats now.
(Photo : Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)
Lions have been part of the African landscape, but their reign might soon come to an abrupt end. The very same dangers that caused the extinction of seven big cats during the last Ice Age are devastating African lions and Sunda clouded leopards today.
According to a report from the University of Sussex, researchers analyzed whether big cat extinction trends during the Ice Age could be applied to the populations of modern species. They studied the extinction of seven large cats from the Ice Age — four different sabre-toothed cats, the cave and American lions, and the American cheetah — discovering that only a small chunk of their preferred prey species are still present.
Specifically, only 25 percent of the prey species still liv… Read more

Snake Island

Deadly snakes occupy nearly every bit of space of the Ilha da Queimada Grande in Brazil, aptly dubbed the Snake Island.
(Photo : TrendCrave/YouTube)
Creepy crawlies in your backyard have nothing on the ones slithering on the surface of this uninhabited Brazilian isle. Deadly snakes occupy nearly every bit of space of the Ilha da Queimada Grande in Brazil, aptly dubbed the Snake Island.
According to a report from Atlas Obscura, the island is located off the shore of Brazil, around 93 miles away from São Paulo. Humans stay away from the island for good reason: scientists estimate that every square meter of land on Snake Island has one to five snakes. The serpents survive on Snake Island by feasting on the migratory birds that stop here to rest.
The snakes endemic to the island — known as golden lanceheads ( Bothrops insularis ) — are not the garden variety kind. A report from Snake Facts say th… Read more

Suffering Bear at Tregembo Animal Park

Tregembo Animal Park, North Carolina — A visibly suffering black bear, whom a visitor spotted languishing with severe facial lesions and painful irritation to his eyes, nose and mouth. PETA has been campaigning against North Carolina’s decrepit Tregembo Animal Park since it was known as the less-exotic-sounding Tote-’em-In-Zoo.
(Photo : PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)/YouTube Screenshot)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has once again filed a complaint against the roadside zoo, Tregembo Animal Park, in Wilmington, North Carolina after receiving a video from a concerned citizen showing animals that appeared to be in distress.
«A concerned citizen recently visited Tregembo and contacted PETA to report some concerns. They provided video of a limping monkey, animals with suspicious hair loss, and a bobcat that appears to be blind,» said C… Read more

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