McHumba The Female Pygmy Chimpanzee

Scientists discovered that bonobos, also known as pygmy chimpanzees, are actually humans’ closest living ancestor.
(Photo : San Diego Zoo/Newsmakers via Getty Images)
Meet the bonobos. This rare great ape species is the closest living ancestor of humans, even closer to us than the common chimpanzee.
According to a report from George Washington University, a new study compared the anatomy of humans, common chimpanzees and bonobos for the first time. The team discovered that the closest living ancestor of humans are actually bonobos, previously known as pygmy chimpanzees.
Modern humans and the lineages of the common chimpanzee and the bonobo split up around two million years ago. Eventually, the two great ape species evolved separately, developing different traits and physical characteristics.
The researchers of this recent study analyzed the muscles of seven preserved bon… Read more

Moss Phlox Blooms In Hitsujiyama Park

SAITAMA, JAPAN — MAY 01: A cat is seen sitting in Moss phlox flowers in full bloom in Hitsujiyama Park on May 1,2008 in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Over 400,000 pink, white and purple «Moss Phlox» bloom in approximately 16,500 square meters.
(Photo : Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)
There’s a pretty good reason why cat lovers flock to Japan. Not only does the country boast a good number of cat cafés, but the there are also 11 different cat islands that have been virtually dubbed as feline paradises. Cat lovers have been descending on these tiny isles hoping for a glimpse of fluffy kitties prowling the roads freely.
One of the most notable of the bunch is Tashirojima Island, a small fishing island off the coast of Ishinomaki City in the Miyagi Prefecture. According to Japan Guide, the hundreds of felines have long dominated the land, outnumbering human inhabitants by nearly four to o… Read more

Girl Playing With Dog

Pet dogs could serve as social support for children, lessening the kids’ stress.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
A new study by the researchers from the University of Florida revealed that pet dogs could serve as social support for children, lessening the kids’ stress.
The study, published in the journal Social Development, showed that the presence of a pet dog when a child is undergoing stressful experience could how much the child feel stressed out.
«Many people think pet dogs are great for kids but scientists aren«t sure if that»s true or how it happens,» said Darlene Kertes, an assistant professor in the psychology department of UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in a press release. «Our research shows that having a pet dog present when a child is undergoing a stressful experience lower how much children feel stressed out,»
For the study, the researchers recruited 1… Read more

Recreating the womb: New Hope for Premature Babies

Artificial wombs could be the future of caring for premature babies. In animal testing, a lamb survived and developed inside a biobag for four weeks.
(Photo : The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia/YouTube Screenshot)
Researchers from the Children«s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) are searching for ways to help premature babies survive. The research is now in the early stages of animal testing where a lamb was placed in an artificial womb to mimic the conditions inside the mother»s uterus.
The biobag is filled with amniotic fluid and attached to a placenta that helps keep blood oxygenated. The first attempt appears to be a success as the premature lamb grew successfully inside the artificial womb or the biobag for three to four weeks.
“We start with a tiny fetus that is pretty inert and spends most of its time sleeping. Over four weeks we see that fetus open its eyes, grow wool, breathe… Read more

An Albino Orangutan Has Been Rescued In Indonesia

A rare albino orangutan was captured in Indonesia and was held by locals for two days. The animal was then rescued by the BOS foundation and is now under observation.
(Photo : Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation via GeoBeat News/YouTube)
There are very few rare albino orangutans in the world and a blue-eyed and white-haired one is more sporadic and difficult to find. A sighting was reported in Indonesia but the animal was captured and held by villagers for two days. Luckily it was rescued by a survival foundation in the area.
The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS Foundation) announced that a 5-year-old female albino orangutan was rescued in Tanggirang village, Central Kalimantan. The white-haired orangutan became famous not only because of its condition, but the albinism was emphasized with her rare blue eyes.
The female orangutan was rescued last April 29, according to a… Read more


Two new species of tarsiers have been discovered in Indonesia.
(Photo : zefrank1/YouTube)
Tarsiers, tiny nocturnal primates that remarkably look like Star Wars icon Yoda, are only found in certain parts of southeast Asia. Recently, scientists discovered two new species of the strange-looking animal in the Sulawesi island of Indonesia, a region where forests are in rapid decline.
According to a report from Conservation International, the two newly discovered species of tarsiers were spotted in the northern part of Sulawesi. Dubbed the Tarsius spectrumgurskyae and Tarsius supriatnai , the two are very similar but display distinct vocalizations and genetic data.
“These two new species are the 80th and 81st primates new to science described since 2000 – this represents about 16 percent of all primate species known, and is indicative of how little we know of our planet’s unique and… Read more

Researchers Create Artificial Womb

(Photo : Associated Press/YouTube Screenshot)
Scientists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have successfully grown lambs inside an artificial womb.
Eight lambs born at equivalent of 23 weeks human gestation were kept alive by placing them inside a «biobag, » which looks like a huge ziplock that is attached with tubes of blood and fluids. Details about the breakthrough experiment have been published in the journal Nature Communications.
According to The Atlantic, the lamb fetuses were able to survive for four weeks and are still surviving at present, which is longer than previous attempts. Their brains and organs developed without complication. They even started to grow wool and began opening their eyes.
The biobag is filled with synthetic amniotic fluid while a tube that provides nutrition and oxygen and removes carbon dioxide is attached on the umbilical cord of the f… Read more

Beagle Dog

Dogs get stressed out every time they’re left alone.
(Photo : Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)
It may suck leaving your pup at home every day, but canine experts say it«s even worse for your dog. They»re called man’s best friend for a reason and, unlike people, do not always get over the separation anxiety so easily.
According to a report from IFLScience, dogs get stressed the moment they realize their owner is gone. Even more significantly, some dogs remain very stressed the whole time, only calming down when their owners walk back in the house.
«When stress levels increase — a dog«s heart rate, respiratory functions, and levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol — are also likely to rise,» Battersea Dogs and Cats Home»s Canine Behaviorist and Welfare Team (CBWT) explained. “The first 30 minutes after being left alone is usually the most stressful time for the majority of dogs. However, fo… Read more

Plastic Bags – The Environmental Scourge

CHONGQING, CHINA — APRIL 2: (CHINA OUT) A scavenger picks up plastic bags at an open dump on April 2, 2008 in Chongqing Municipality, China.
(Photo : China Photos/Getty Images)
This caterpillar is commercially bred to be used as fishing bait, but a new research shows that it might serve a larger environmental purpose in solving widespread plastic pollution.
According to a report from Phys Org, scientists discovered that the wax worm was found to have the ability to biodegrade polyethylene, which is known to be one of the most commonly used and toughest plastics in the world. The wax worm lives as parasites in bee colonies.
The discovery kicked off when amateur beekeeper Federica Bertocchini of the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (CSIC) was taking out wax worms from her beehives. While the wax worms were temporarily in a plastic shopping bag, Bertocchini found i… Read more


Sudan, 43, the last male northern white rhino, is certainly under a lot of pressure. Although there are still two existing female northern white rhinos in the world — — 17-year-old Satu and 27-year-old Najin — the trio are unable to breed naturally. Northern white rhinos are classified as critically endangered species.
(Photo : The Great Big Story/YouTube Screenshot)
The very last male northern white rhino has joined Tinder. Unlike many others who is on the dating application to have fun, the rhino, named Sudan, is making a last-ditch effort to save his species from extinction.
According to a report from the Associated Press, the campaign is called «The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World» and is a partnership between Kenyan wildlife group Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the Tinder dating application.
«I don’t mean to be too forward, but the fate of the species literally depends on me,» Sud… Read more

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