Tasmanian Devil’s Milk Can Fight Superbugs

The Tasmanian devil’s milk may possess the cure against superbugs.
(Photo : Adam Pretty/Getty Images)
The famous animal popularized by a cartoon in the «90s is now back in the limelight. Apparently, the Tasmanian devil»s milk might just be the solution to the perennial medical problem of superbugs.
Tasmanian devils are often portrayed as the antagonist, but in real life, as it turned out, its milk may do well to mankind by helping in the process of eliminating superbugs. A team of researches from Australia believes that marsupials, including the Tasmanian devils, possess a powerful component in their systems that are essential for the growth of their offspring. This important component may be the key to fighting superbugs.
Marsupials highly depend on their mothers during the early developmental years, getting nourishment from their mother’s pouches. They are usu… Read more

Lab-Grown Egg Cells Successfully Developed Into Healthy Baby Mice — Possible Answer to Infertility?

Japanese scientists succesfully grown healthy mouse pups using artificial egg cells.
(Photo : Rama (Own work)/Wikimedia Commons)
A team of Japanese scientists led by Katsuhiko Hayashi, a stem cell biologist at Kyoto University in Japan, has successfully grown healthy babies using egg cells that are fully-grown in the lab.
Their work, described in a paper published in the journal Nature, is regarded to be a stunning achievement and pave the way for new and better infertility treatments. The researchers were able to grow fertile mouse eggs using stem cells. After successfully creating the egg cells, the researchers then fertilized the eggs with mouse sperm and implanted into foster rodent mothers, producing healthy pups.
Their methods may look like an easy process, but it may take a lot of trial and error to be able to produce stunning results. Science Magazine repo… Read more

WATCH: ‘Stressed’ 7-Ft Gorilla Sparks Panic After Banging Window, Escaping Glass Enclosure

A resident gorilla in a London zoo named Kumbuka managed to escape his enclosure. The 18-year-old endangered western lowland silverback gorilla was filmed smashing the glass window of his enclosure moments before he escaped.
(Photo : Flckr/Creative Commons/Ryan Poplin)
A few days ago, a resident gorilla in a London zoo named Kumbuka managed to escape his enclosure. United Press International  said in a report that the 18-year-old endangered western lowland silverback gorilla was filmed smashing the glass window of his enclosure moments before he escaped.
Eyewitnesses Hannah O’Donoghue-Hobbs and Charlotte Neild told BBC that the gorilla appeared to be «really angry» and was «banging on the cage.» His escape resulted in  a brief panic among the visitors who were in the area. A lockdown was immediately called as the visitors were ushered in a safe place.
Meanwhil… Read more

Strange Discovery: Cave Paintings, Ancient DNA Confirm Extinct Hybrid Species Between Cows and Bison

Cave drawings provide detailed appearcance of newly discovered exticnt hybrid species between cows and bison
(Photo : Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)
In an unusual turn of events, science seeks the help of art in confirming the existence of an extinct hybrid species between ancient cows and steppe bison. The species is believed to be the missing link on the evolutionary lineage of European bison.
Scientists have been long mystified by the sudden appearance of European bison almost 12,000 years ago, about 3,000 years after the extinction of their ancestors, the steppe bison. The sudden appearance of the European bison is not the only thing baffling scientists. The mitochondrial DNA of the European bison shows that it is closely related to cows.
Now, a study published in the journal Nature Communication sheds some light in the mystery of European bison evolution. For th… Read more

Labor of Love! After Selling Lemonade For 3 Years, Boy Finally Gets His Pony

Sabastian Lucas spent the last few years selling lemonade to raise the funds needed to buy his new pet.
(Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/Tim Green)
A 7-year-old from Scarborough, Australia finally got the fruit of his labor after three years. Sabastian Lucas spent the last few years selling lemonade to raise the funds needed to buy his new pet.
«I was selling the lemonade for 20 cents a cup and I saved up for nearly three years,» Sabastian said in an interview with ABC. «I felt really happy because a pony was here. I saved nearly $3,000 to buy Tom [name of his pony]. I’ve ridden him nearly 10 times in five days.»
Sabastian’s mom, Juliana Kent, told CNN that Sabastian only started selling lemonade in front of their house. But with his desire to save more money and more customers who grew fond of his «recipe,» the boy started to set up his lemonade stand during social events where he c… Read more

Goodbye, Jia Jia: World’s Oldest Panda in Captivity Dies

At the age of 38, the record holder as the oldest living panda in captivity passed away last Sunday. It was estimated that pandas living at the age of 38 is almost equivalent to a 114 year-old person.
(Photo : einszweifrei/Public Domain/Pixabay)
Last Sunday, the oldest panda in captivity named Jia Jia has finally rested at the age of 38. The said panda was the record holder last year for the oldest panda alive, and now, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park announced through their chairman Leo Kung Lin-cheng that they will surely miss Jia Jia who is already considered as a part of their family.
Suffering from arthritis, weight loss, high blood pressure and cataracts, the park management has decided euthanasia on the panda. Performed by Dr. Paolo Martelli, the park«s director for veterinary service, the procedure was to prevent Jia Jia»s suffering and for ethical reasons agreed upon by the… Read more

Baby Elephant Saves ‘Drowning’ Rescuer — How Smart are These Gentle Giants?

A baby elephant in a sanctuary in Thailand saved his drowning favorite human from a river.
(Photo : Ken Bohn/Zoological Society of San Diego via Getty Images)
A baby elephant was seen wading   a river to save its «drowning» human companion.  Elephants rescued from abusive environments tend to become attached to their rescuer. This was what a baby elephant, a gentle giant, exhibited in a sanctuary in Thailand.
In a dreamlike situation, a baby elephant bravely tackled a waging river to save a «drowning» human being. The elephant was seen offering its trunk to the human and at the same time, using its foot to secure the person from the river.
This incredibly endearing act was witnessed in the Save the Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In what appears to be a little experiment, elephant handler Darrick Thomson, who is also a co-founder of the foundation, pretended to… Read more

Climate Change Could Make These Male Crustaceans Attractive to Females

Warming water temperatures and increased carbon dioxide are causing a population growth among a species of shrimp-like crustaceans.
(Photo : skeeze / Pixabay)
Climate change is making a certain type of male crustaceans «sexier» and more attractive to females of their kind.
Researchers from the University of Adelaide have discovered that warming waters and increased carbon dioxide brought about by climate change could affect mating behavior of certain marine species.
Many species find it difficult to reproduce because of climate change. However, the shrimp-like crustaceans known as Cymadusa pemptos living off the coast of southern Australia were found to have increased their population after being subjected to warmer waters and highly acidic environment.
“Climate change most usually comes with predictions of severe negative impacts on population sizes,… Read more

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